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Roger Brooking attended school in Wanganui before going on to Victoria University where he completed a BA degree in Political Science.  However, in his younger days he was more interested in music and record production; he went to London, and for a while, worked for the Beatles at Apple Records.  When he returned to New Zealand, Mr Brooking tried his hand as a radio announcer and produced advertising jingles.  Working in the music industry, he also tried a few drugs along the way and, as many addicts do, ended up in a battle for his own survival. In his mid-40's, he went back to university to study addiction and mental health issues.


Mr Brooking started work in the addiction sector at CareNZ in Porirua. In 2000, he set up his own agency called ADAC (Alcohol and Drug Assessment and Counselling). Mr Brooking is an accredited alcohol and drug clinician to the Department of Justice and his company has been providing alcohol and drug assessments on offenders who appear in the Wellington district courts for the last ten years.


In 2010 he and a colleague, Denise Nassenstein, set up the Drink Driving Intervention Trust to provide a targeted programme for repeat drink drivers in Wellington.


Mr Brooking has twice been awarded a scholarship by the John Dobson Memorial Foundation. Dr Dobson was a leading pioneer in the development of both drug and alcohol and mental health services in New Zealand. The Foundation was established to perpetuate the values, energy and personal qualities he brought to bear in the care and treatment of people with drug and alcohol and broader mental health problems and to the public advocacy of their plight.


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